Black People Kink

This week we kicked off Season 2 of Toxic Heart Podcast with the couple, Dominus Blue and Baby J, from the podcast and blog Black People Kink. Dominus Blue and Baby J are a 24/7 Total Power Exchange (TPE) couple (i.e., dominant and submissive). For many listeners, when the guests initially introduce themselves as a TPE couple, it may not have a lot of meaning / weight; however, during the episode they are able to articulately explain and clarify exactly what a TPE relationship means for them. We (B and Sean) both left the episode having a significantly greater understanding than we started the conversation.

One thing that surprises a lot of listeners is that Baby J is clearly an intelligent woman who genuinely enjoys being submissive. The temptation that many may have will be to assume that because Baby J is a submissive that she must be weak in some way to let her man “do these things to her”; however, it is clear that she is an intelligent woman and that she genuinely enjoys being submissive. A good example is when they are discussing Breath Play – listeners may notice that Dominus is somewhat hesitant to discuss the subject, and Baby J seems enthused to discuss the different types of asphyxiation she enjoys.

Another interesting element to the episode is how apparent it is that their relationship is based on real love and admiration. These are two people who have a common kink, but first and foremost they are two people that are in love with each other. Also, their shared kink appears to push them to a level of closeness that most “traditional” couples may not reach. How many heterosexual non-kinky guys are intimately aware of their woman’s menstrual cycle? How many women go out of their way to hide or disguise their periods from their mate?

One of our favorite parts about doing Toxic Heart Podcast is the opportunity to genuinely talk to people, and hear their real human stories. This episode is one of those examples that provides an opportunity for expanded horizons.